New Year New Us - GetHip 2018!

January 14, 2018 2 Comments

So a new year has started and we can safely assume that summer is on it’s way, yes you might have to travel a little way but the sun is out there somewhere, honest.

suns out

After the cold, wet, dreary days of winter we can, at long last, turn our thoughts to sunshine, holidays, festivals, new outfits and of course iconic sunnies that finish off your look and ooze bags of style!

Who's going to Ibiza this year?

You can catch the Hipster Sunnies gang there at the end of June! We are so excited about it! Full updates will be shared throughout the holiday and we're also planning to create a huge buzz over the next few months starting with our first Ibiza 2018 Podcast at the end of this month! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this!

Beats by Hipster Sunnies! Check out our SoundCloud here!

hipster sunnies podcast dj mix

No matter what your style or look Hipster Sunnies will have the right sunglasses to bring the exact design flair that you are looking for to your day and night outfits on the white isle! If you are planning to go this year we strongly recommend you either a) come and party with us! or b) check out our summer sunglasses for the journey!

Our super cool new women's range logo!

If you thought that looking hip was just for the men, well think again! We have given ourselves a new makeover to make you ladies feel more at home, our new pink lips logo gives a sexy smouldering look to our designs. But don’t worry if pink is not your thing, we have a huge range of the Hippest Sunnies in a choice of amazing colours and all at fantastic, affordable prices.

hipster sunnies womens logo

New lines just landed fresh for 2018!

That’s not to say that your look needs to be stylized in any way. A peek at our new sunnies range will show you that vintage Hipster Sunglasses come in a huge range of styles, colours and shapes.We'll be covering the new lines in our next blog so keep your eyes peeled for this! Believe us they are out of this world and you will add them straight to your must have list this year! Check out our fresh new lines here!

Classic iconic collections from Hipster Sunnies!

Then if that's not enough for you we have our original range which is starting to become somewhat of a classic collection! From the original women's favorites the classic Audrey Hepburn style Women's sunglasses, with dark lenses and bright red frames, through to the snazzy animal design St Tropez Vintage Sunglasses and into ultra modern Steam Punk designer Sunglasses for Men with metal coloured frames and a variety of lens colours. Whatever your style we have sunnies to suit!

get hip sunglasses

You can rest assured that all our sunnies come with 99-100% guaranteed protection from all those harmful sun rays, so not only can you get out and about to enjoy the sun but you can do it with style and confidence. 

At Hipster Sunnies we pride ourselves on delivering quality, style and affordability within terrific sunglasses ranges for men and women. We hope you find something you like on our website and we wish you all the very best for a hip 2018!

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Chief Hipster
Chief Hipster

January 17, 2018

Hey Rashdah,

Thanks for the massively positive feedback, we really appreciate your comments. I know what you mean about the heat. But sunglasses are not only for the scolding hot weather, they are also for the winter months when you need a lighter tint to brighten up the view, the hungover breakfast where you don’t want anyone too see your face, for the impromptu get away, for the party with lots of lights i mean i could go on but the list is endless.

Glad you enjoy our styles Hipster and hopefully we’ll see you again soon at Hipster Sunnies.

Rashdah Hameed
Rashdah Hameed

January 15, 2018

Your sunglasses look amazing and seeing as I have been looking to purchase some this seems like a good time as any. unfortunately London is almost 80% freezing cold and 20% summer, so even if you get a cool pair of shades on they are off before you know it!

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