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Face Shape Chart

Luckily for you, no matter your face shape, Hipster Sunnies is the place to go. Our website features the best sunglasses for face shapes of all shapes and sizes. We have sunglasses for small heads, sunglasses for wide faces, sunglasses for narrow faces, and more! Now you have read our guide, proceed to the shape which best fits your face below and start to pick your perfect pair! Click on the shape which best matches your face shape!

Hipster Sunglasses Face Shape Guide

So… you have picked out the sunnies you are interested in that speak to your style and fit in with your wardrobe. You’ve bookmarked all your favourite pairs on our website. They are all so affordable you could easily justify buying all the pairs. But how do you know which ones will look best on you without first trying them on? Don’t stress! Our handy, dandy face shape guide is here to help walk you through the frame selection process.

1. What face shapes are there?

In general, there are four common face shapes. These four shapes are categories everyone in the world fits into. (These face shapes are just categories for style and balance purposes – don’t worry, we are not trying to label you!) Your face can be heart-shaped, square, round, or oval. “Heart” faces are characterized by a narrow jaw. “Square” faces feature a strong jaw and wide cheekbones. “Round” faces have a narrow jaw and wide cheekbones. “Oval” faces are longer than they are wide.

2. How to discover your face shape?

Determining your face shape and choosing the right frame to suit guarantees that you will look just as stellar in your new pair of Hipster Sunnies as you’ve been imagining. So, how do you determine your face shape? It is actually not too hard! There are tons of fun ways to figure your face shape out!

  • You could try asking one of your friends what they think your face shape is. They spend so much time looking at your beautiful mug, they’ll probably be able to tell you with little to no effort on your part!
  • If you are set on determining your face shape on your own, there are plenty of tips and tricks available to you. Stand in front of the mirror and outline your face in lipstick on the mirror (don't worry about the mirror, it will wipe off), then compare the outline to our face shape chart below.
  • Take a selfie looking straight into the camera and trace your face with a drawing app.
  • Browse photos of celebrities you look like and search the web to find out their face shape, it is probably your face shape, too.

3. Which types of sunglasses fit which type of face shape?


Over sized frames best fit oval or round face shapes. Think (or Google) Nicole Richie.

Hipsters Recommends: Hepburn Red


Aviators have been in fashion since the 1970's and are still a much sought after classic today. They are best suited for an oval face. Think Halle Berry or Brad Pitt.

Hipsters Recommends: Classic Aviators Collection


Wayfarer sunglasses had their hey day during the 1950's-60's. In the 1980's they made a big comeback and have since been the frame of choice for many movie stars and models. They work best on heart and oval shaped faces. Think Drew Barrymore or Audrey Hepburn.

Hipsters Recommends: Wayfarer Collection


Round sunnies are hitting it hard right now! They've been seen on the likes of John Lennon to Lewis Hamilton and they best fit square, oval & heart face shapes (not round would you believe!?).

Hipsters Recommends: Steampunk Collection

The cat eye frame is a women's hipster staple and an extremely cool look! They fit a variety of faces such as square, heart & oval. Great examples are Rhianna and Rita Ora. 

Hipsters Recommends: Fashionista


demi moore round face rectangular sunglasses

Check out Demi Moore dazzling in these rectangular frames above with her sweet round face! Round faces suit rectangular frames as a rectangular frame breaks up the face dimensions, making it appear to be longer and thinner. 

Hipsters Recommends: Low Riders