FaceShape Guide


Face Shape Guide

Hipster Sunglasses Lovers listen in we have created something for you that should help you decide which shape sunglasses will best suit your face based on of all things SCIENCE and we all know Sunglasses Science doesn't LIE.

Our website features the best sunglasses for face shapes of all shapes and sizes. We have sunglasses for small heads, sunglasses for wide ones, sunglasses for those narrow faces we love all dem faces so don't be shy

To see which shapes can best compliment your face click on the image that matches your face shape and start to pick your perfect pair! Don't forget Click on the shape which best matches your face shape for an Easy like a Sunday Morning sunglasses selection! 


No matter your awesome face shape, Hipster Sunnies is the place to go.



Hipster Sunglasses Face Shape Guide

So… you have picked out the sunnies you are interested in that speak to your style and fit in with your wardrobe. You’ve bookmarked all your favourite pairs on our website. They are all so affordable you could easily justify buying all the pairs. But how do you know which ones will look best on you without first trying them on?