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Down here at Hipster Sunnies HQ we recently found out that many Sunglasses traders are selling cheaper alternatively styled sunglasses that just aren’t providing UV Protection. Now we all love a silly pair of pineapple sunglasses or something Retro to death at a festival but this doesn't mean we should be destroying our eyes to look sick.  People selling sunglasses that aren't fit for a Hipster are just quite simply wrong.


We’ve toured the world sporting some seriously HIP sunglasses aka Hipster Sunglasses, chilling on beaches in Indonesia,  Australia, Thailand in fact most places around the globe (Not to Gloat) but the point is we have as sunglasses enthusiasts have been killing these shades and damaging our eyes just like you!

Once we realised that we just weren’t getting the protection and love for our eyes that we know we should be we thought we should really be doing something about this hence our brand Hipster Sunnies and the fact that we can deliver the hippest hipster sunglassses without breaking the two main rules.
FULL UV Protection with style and build Quality a must.
For more info regarding potential damage to your eyes check out the RNIB

Hipsters Sunnies have always believed that for every event there should, would and could be a sick pair of hipster sunglasses that will feel great, look great but most importantly are priced great!!! $$$$

Now we love our brands just like all the other brand lovers out there and my Raybans have never been far from my side in the past, but after loosing, snapping having stolen and popping out the lens’s’ on so many over priced and seriously expensive pairs we truly had the motivation to start something new.

It doesn’t matter whether your at the music festival, chilling on the beach, at gig or just kicking it in your besties pad you know as we do how much a decent pair of alternative styled sunnies truly turn heads and get people chatting so we’ve hand picked 32 full on Hipster Sunglasses styles that we feel are perfect for you. 
Keeping it real all of our Hipster sunglasses have a great Retro vintage feel with a few classics people love thrown in for good measure. We feel we are trying to raise the bar when it comes to consumable Hipster sunglasses by giving a great quality product at an even greater price!

At Hipster Sunnies we aim to bring you the hippest range of Hipster sunglasses online at the very best prices. By working with some of the UK's biggest distributors and manufacturers we can continually bring you the latest trends and fashions.

As we are a online business that can be spotted at music festivals and vintage fairs and so asa this we can pass these savings onto our customers and offer our range of sunglasses at the very best prices.

Based in the UK and established in 2014, Hipster Sunnies is THE place to buy Hipster sunglasses online. Specialising in festival, vintage and retro sunglasses, we also stock favorites including aviators, wayfarers and clear lens glasses.

Whether you're looking for beach style, summer sunglasses or hip winter sunglasses, we have the perfect pair of Hipster sunglasses for you.

We are a team of fashion loving, trend setting hipsters who love nothing more than bringing our customers the best and hippest sunglasses. We've searched far and wide for new Hipster Sunglasses styles and seriously follow whats happening in the east end of London to see where the coolest trends are going so you don't have to.

If you have any questions about any of our products, our ethos or you simply want to say hi, visit our contact page.

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