Where Will Your 2018 Holiday Be?

January 20, 2018

Christmas has come and gone, a new year is here and at last we can start to think about sunshine and holidays. So where are you thinking of heading to this year to catch some rays and top up that fading tan?


ibiza 2018

Well there are all the old tried and trusted destinations like Ibiza with it’s miles of glorious beaches, incredible hippy markets and night life that never stops. You can while away the days lying on the sand with a long cold drink and then party away the nights in any of the hippest clubs and bars that line the sea front. It's the ultimate hedonist destination with its world class sunset and laid back party vibe. If you are lucky enough to be on the white isle at the end of June you can catch the Hipster Sunnies gang out there! (lots of updates to follow on this in due course!)    #GetHip rating 5/5

Greece / Portugal?

greece 2018

If you are into a more leisurely lifestyle then perhaps a villa in Greece or Portugal where you can sit by the pool with the latest best-seller soaking up the sun in peace and quiet. Or wander around the olive groves where some of the trees can be centuries old, taking in the local scenery and culture. The locals are incredibly friendly and you won't ever want to return home. Maybe not the party capital but certainly the capital  of chillin!  #GetHip rating 4/5


miami 2018

A little further afield comes Miami in Florida where whatever your holiday need is you can find a solution. From some of the best beaches the world has to offer to some of the most interesting sight seeing and world renowned restaurants Miami has it all. With the yearly W.M.C. it's certainly not lacking in the beats stakes either!! It's cooler than cool and there are so many extras to enjoy while you are there, how about going to see the mighty Miami Dolphins or popping over to Disneyland if you are with the little ones? #GetHip rating 5/5

Eastern Europe?

croatia 2018

A few years ago, people would have thought you were crazy if you said you were going for your summer holidays to Eastern Europe to chill on the beach and party till the sun goes down (then back up again)) Want to see some more off the beaten track places? Well, why not try some of the Mediterranean destinations like Croatia, Serbia or Bulgaria where the old traditions are still as alive today as they were years ago and simple pleasures like taking coffee on the village square and long country walks are easily available. The music festivals here really are second to none and we think this is an excellent choice for your 2018 holiday! #GetHip rating 4/5


dubai 2018

On another level completely is Dubai with it’s towering hotels and stunning constructions, it has to be one of of the hippest holiday destinations this year. Cool venues and hip lifestyles ooze from every corner, there's plenty to do or just relax in the opulent atmosphere Dubai offers. From the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa to feed the inner tourist in you to the new exciting beach front destination La Mer and the ever popular Nikki Beach and Blue Marlin, you really cant go wrong with this place! It's quite far to travel there but we think its worth every minute of that journey! We're going away there for a cheeky break ourselves in April so keep your eye out for some updates and wicked photos from this incredible place! #GetHip rating 5/5

Whatever your destination might be in 2018 make sure you plan your trip well and always wear your Hipster Sunnies to help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and of course give the all important flair to your outfits. We strongly recommend you take a look at our Summer Sunglasses to compliment your trip!

Have a wonderful time wherever you end up this summer! We look forward to seeing you rocking your Hipster Sunnies in 2018! Remember to tag us in your photos with our official hashtag #GetHip


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