New Age Hipsters

February 05, 2018

Do you have your own style, your own look and your own beliefs? Are you a little bit ‘out there’? Do you consider yourself to have a slightly different attitude to the run of the mill? In short are you a hipster?


What new terminology is this I hear you ask. Well it’s nothing new I’m afraid the hipster has been with us for a long time. Generally a hipster is someone who is hip, alternative and has a certain way about them.

hipster style 2018

Remember the days of hippy chic, long skirts, layered scarves and open sandals, men with ponytails and blue denim everywhere. Well, the hippy look has never really gone away it has just evolved into a slightly different culture. But before you head off to raid Grannies wardrobe take a moment to think about just what today's socially conscious hipster is thinking. Todays hipsters hold many of the same beliefs about the environment and social needs, they have their own style and tend to be independent and individual. With an interest in world politics and always making an attempt to improve society and general lifestyle for those around them.

hippy chick

A true hipster won’t waste time worrying about what others think about them, if they feel that something is right then they will just go ahead and do it. Never afraid to stand out from the 'run of the mill' crowd the hipster will always follow his or her own path without the concern that others might not feel the same.

hipster chick

With a casual, but right on-trend style consisting of skinny jeans and vintage t-shirts or a well fitted suit and brogues to pop down to the local shop, gives a hipster an edgy but modern look. Vintage sunglasses, maybe a bow-tie and/or a hat to complete the style, the hipster is in a class of their own being artistic and creative, socially aware and confident in their own skin. Be hip and be proud that you stand out in a crowd! GET.HIP.

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