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The word hipster means more than what mainstream culture gives it credit for. Being hipster is not just about dressing cool or going to concerts. Being hipster is about being yourself. It is about recognising who you are, how you want the world to perceive you, and the impact you want to make on other people’s lives (and the world as a whole). No one chooses to be hipster - it chooses them. When you are unabashedly yourself in every moment, when your style reflects your carefree personality, when you are unconcerned with others’ opinions, then you are a hipster. We recognise that and see the beauty in that. We see how unique you are.

Hipster Sunnies feature sunglasses that are as unique as you. We know sunglasses are an important part of every wardrobe and that you need a pair of shades that are hand-picked for your personal style. Sometimes, however, you want to look to others for some fashion-inspiration. That’s where Hipster Sunnies’ best selling sunglasses collection comes in! You can browse this selection for the best sunglasses formulated by the purchase decisions of other stylish Hipster Sunnies customers. Find the best selling sunglasses for men, the best selling sunglasses for women, and the best selling polarised sunglasses – all in one place! There’s a reason these styles ended up on our best sellers list; they are quality crafted and look great. Try a pair of shades (or a few pairs) to see for yourself.

We know you are a true individual. You march to the beat of your own drum. You have never cared about what other people think about you. Even your closest friends’ opinions don’t phase you because you know they will accept you no matter what – provided you are being true to yourself. Because of this, it may seem a little strange to check out the best selling sunglasses category. Because, honestly, who cares what’s selling best among others when you know what works for you? We get it, but don’t worry. Hipster Sunnies is more than a website of random shoppers; it is a lifestyle site… A movement. Everyone who is shopping here is as uniquely cool in their own right and rocks pairs of sunglasses in a wholly personalised way, just like you. So don’t worry, shop on!