Why You Need to Protect Your Eyes

December 18, 2017

No matter what the time of year you want to be out and about looking hip and enjoying yourself, but there is a downside to all that sunshine, no matter how weak, care needs to be taken to protect your eyes from harmful rays. No, we don’t mean aliens with guns, but we do mean the harmful rays that the sunshine brings.

It’s pretty much second nature to reach for your sunglasses when the sun comes out to play but there is more to wearing sunnies than just looking cool and avoiding a slightly squinty look. Okay, so your sunnies give you an air of film star cool or perhaps an edge of super rock star mystery but that is not really their prime purpose.

Most people are aware that the sun gives off harmful light in the form of rays. There are 2 types of rays that can harm your eyes, UVA and UVB. UVA rays can cause skin cancer and premature ageing and UVB rays are the ones that give you sunburn. Both types of rays harm both eyes and skin in the same way.

The best quality UV sunglasses come with a protective coating that prevents the harmful rays from reaching your eyes. The lenses are normally plastic, glass or a polycarbonate mix and the coating is a layer that deflects both UVA and UVB light rays.

Many people think that the darker their sunnies are the better the protection they will give but this is not true, as many of the newer sunglasses are transparent or lightly tinted.

If you need anti-glare protective sunglasses then you need quality lenses that will eliminate glare from water or snow and here at Hipster Sunnies all of our sunglasses will give you 99 - 100% protection. Hipster Sunnies provide the perfect eye protection, allowing you to look hip and keep your precious eyes safe from harmful rays. Check out our website today and see which style fits your look and be safe in the knowledge your eyes are protected!

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