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June 15, 2016

Fashion Beauty and Travel Blogger Jade Banks Goes Native on Hipsters.

Jade was sweet enough to write about our sunnies so for that a massive thank you. You can click through on the images to further check out our super cool styles or many more of Jades wicked blogs by clicking the LINK.

Check out Jades Insta page for more sick styling tips.


Hello... it's me... (Sorry I went for the Adele pun) 


It's been a few weeks since my last post but I've been busy getting on with my house move - we've moved out of our apartment, put all our stuff into storage and have been living with my parents for two weeks but we hopefully get the keys to our house on Friday!! Yes, I'm aware that it will be Friday 13th which probably isn't the best day to try to move house but I'm just too excited to care!


Anyway back to the post...


Last weekend I got together with a bunch of awesome ladies to do a little photo shoot for some brands that we've been lucky to work with - including Elsie's Attic and WhatSarahdid - which was all shot by the very talented and very lovely Nicola White. I'll be doing a separate fashion blog post on that soon so keep an eye out!


As well as the beaut clothes we got to play around in all day, we were also lucky to have been given some super cool accessories - hence the 'successories' title - from the guys at Hipster Sunnies and our pal Laura from Stone + Armour.

Hipster Sunnies - Half moon style - Jade Banks 


<Hipster Sunnies - San Francisco style - Jade Banks


Hipster Sunnies - Robin Hood Style - Jade Banks


Hipster Sunnies - Robin Hood style - Jade banks


Starting with Hipster Sunnies, this range of sunglasses for men and women is exactly what it says on the tin, a unique range of alternative fashion eye-wear. UK based since 2014, these guys specialise in festival, retro and slightly left-field styles but also stock classics such as aviators and wayfarers, all at decent prices. 


On the day, my favourite style was the 'Robin Hood Gold' sunglasses (shown in the last few images above). At first I'll admit I wasn't sold, but after putting them on I actually loved how quirky they are! You'll definitely stand out in the crowd in a pair of these bad boys. 


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