Spring Break?

January 30, 2016

Hipster-Sunnies-Travel Guiide

In need of a winter break? These Places will blow your mind...

At the beginning of January echoing across offices worldwide I could almost hear someone say 'Back to the real world boy' well now the bleak month nearly over and we're saying FORGET THAT and get ready its winter sun time.

So January's almost over and being back at work for the masses has once again started to feel like normal (OR MUNDANE) but there is a way out and it goes by the name of HIPSTER SUNNIES WINTER SUN so don your sunglasses jump on a flight and shake of them  January blues in true Hipster Style..

The way we here at Hipster Sunnies see it is that LIFE IS A BEACH and there's nothing better to patch up those January blues than a trip away to sunnier climates where the beer is cheap and the flights are somewhat cheaper and as we love you guys down here at Hipster' HQ we've gone out of our way to put together some holiday destinations worldwide (depending upon budget) for you to get your greasy little sunshine travel needy mits into.

We think realistically and being that's its January most people have spent up there doh during the Xmas carnage but we truly know the karmic value behind a great winter sunshine trip and there's nothing we love more than slipping on our sunglasses and making our way abroad, it truly is the the greatest way to kick start yourself into the new year whilst breaking up the what seems like a gargantuan mission from now until the summer really hits the heights.

All this said we have found places for all budgets and hope some of the ideas we've come up with will give you some good ideas if a winter breaks your kinda thing. Hipsters love sunning in January and Hipster HQ wouldn't be the place it is today without that vitamin D being intravenously pumped directly into our bodies via a sunbed drip so here goes...

We've managed to dig up a couple of great options down here in the Mediterranean starting with Antalya-Turkey. This being the largest of Turkeys cities over on the west Mediterranean coast it is both classically stylish but awesomely modern. This looks like a great place start to a euro trip in case your planning not to return to work and that would be our advice for sure! We've found many places offering good low priced holidays so check out the links for more info and or bookings:

Lonely Planet - Antalya 

Second on the Sunglasses required mission list is:

-Amalfi - Italy 

-Lonely Planet - Amalfi


If the last two places just aren't enough and you still require a further shove down the sunglasses shuttle then these places will blow your mind, definitely for the more exuberant and cashed up among us so be careful when blowing that mind you don't go blowing a hole in your pocket too as a night here might set you back over £300 a night for the privilege. Although its always nice to look and maybe even on that road trip through the Tuscan mountains you could stop in for night just make sure your wearing the biggest sunglasses you have available because i'm guessing the place will be stinking of Prada...

-II Pellicano, Porto Ercole, Tuscany

II-Pelicano -Porto Ecole

All this said our travel whistles have most definitely been wet and while the cold grey skies start to circle overhead we'll be packing up our bags, grabbing our favorite set of sunnies and making the trip down Hipster Way to collect some of that sun-shiny goodness we've been talking about!

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to head over to the store and check out some of out super cool  styles and we hope to hear of your travels sometime soon.. STAY HIP HIPSTERS....



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