October 02, 2015


Hipster's after the great reaction we received following our monthly
'SoundCloud-001/002/003'DROP we thought we should start writing a monthly blog FULL of whats happening in the world of music. We aim to bring you everything we can uncover music wise and hope you get involved to let us know whats making you tick from the Festi's, Boat Parties, beaches to bedrooms we want to know what your listening to and whats dominating your airwaves right now. We at 'Hipster Sunnies' are passionate about all things music whether it be up and coming bands like the Slaves or more established long timers like the Vaccines. But we don't stop there as well as band and rock and roll music we have a insatiable appetite for House music suitable for those lazy days on the beach up to and including the get up and shake your bones Tech house that we see all over Europe and at many music festivals alike. 

We hope with this blog we can open your eyes to new music and music that may not be new but is new to your ears and with your feedback we'll constantly try to improve and bring you the music that your looking for.

So don't be shy we're a friendly bunch down here at Hipster Sunnies and we're really looking forward to finding out what it is that interest our followers. We'll leave you with our favourite band around at the moment the slaves and there tune 'The Hunter'

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