Wayfarer Sunglasses

Your style is way out there - in the best way possible. It’s hard for others to keep up with the fashion trends you are creating and the fashions of eras past you are referencing. Why not take your outfit way back with a timeless accessory? Wayfarer shades!

A classic man (or woman) needs a classic style when it comes to choosing sun-glass frames. No frame shape is more classic than wayfarer sunglasses. This iconic style calls to mind everything from swanky 1950s parties to lazy days catching the surf off the California shoreline. Hipster Sunnies has compiled a stylish collection of these classic frames that range from traditional to funky. If you’ve always wanted a pair of this iconic frame shape, now is the time to grab one (or two). Wayfarer sunglasses are timeless and look great in any season. Dress them up or dress them down depending on the occasion – it’s a rare style that fits seamlessly in any situation.

Our all black wayfarer sunglasses are a perfect day-to-day pair. It’s a colour and style that will always look fresh. Handsome men and fearless women have rocked Wayfarer shades for generations. From John F. Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn to The Blues Brothers and Bob Dylan, Wayfarer sunglasses have been protecting eyes, legitimizing outfits, and making a reputation for themselves for decades. Join the legacy by purchasing a pair of this iconic frame shape from Hipster Sunnies today. It’s a purchase that will serve you in both style and function and last you for a long time to come. You are a legend in the making. It is time you dress like one. So go ahead, put on the Wayfarer shades. Your time is now.