If on average the width of your Face is proportionally the same as the length then you would be classified as having a Round Face. Wearing rectangular, Square and wider sunglasses frames will enhance your awesome features making the face appear longer. 

Feeling a little too square lately? Break out of the box (and out of the norm) with our round sunglasses selection! Our retro round hipster sunglasses are the perfect addition to any look. Our retro round sunglass frames are specially-formulated to accentuate those with round faces and work to directly balance out those facial features. Hipster Sunnies feature both retro round sunglasses for men and retro round sunglasses for women. Men can get that laid-back, classic California look with our LowRiders, Surfer, or San Francisco styles. Women can showcase their timeless beauty and classic style in our Hepburn or Aphrodite styles. Which pair (or pairs) will you rock? We know any style will look great on you!

We know that as the cool hipster and true individual that you are, it probably does not feel right to subscribe to any label. At Hipster Sunnies, we understand that! (And we’re totally with you.) But don’t worry… Face shape isn’t so much a label as it is a frame of reference for finding the best frames for your face. Do not be afraid of analysing your face shape. It doesn’t mean anything beyond recognizing what sunglass frames look best on you. Round faces call for square frames! Thankfully, Hipster Sunnies offers a square sunglass frame selection that can’t be beat. If your face is characterised by wide cheeks with a more narrow chin and forehead, then you fall into the round face shape category. Great square frames balance your look out and keep you looking cool, calm, and proportional. You will love each and every pair of our square frame sunglasses. Buy as many pairs as you want to mix and match – you can be sure each and every pair of sunglasses will fit your face shape great.