Next Gen Sunglasses

It is 2017 going on 2018 fast. Why are we still beholden to old school definitions of what it means to be fashion forward. At Hipster Sunnies, we know and respect that you are unique in your stylistic choices and that you strive to stay ahead of the trend. That is why we built this collection exclusively for you. Our next generation sunglass collection is here to provide you with frames that do just that – take fashion into the next generation; with you at the helm.

Have you ever been told you’re a style icon? That you’re always ahead of the trend when it comes to the latest fashion? Then, boy, have we got the collection for you! Our next gen sunglasses are just that – unique styles for the next generation of fashion forward hipsters. Shop square framed sunglasses in all styles. We offer the best selection in men’s square sunglasses, women’s square sunglasses, square frame aviator sunglasses, and more. These frames are sure to fit any face shape (and every style). Browse this selection and pick out a pair (or a few pairs) for yourself or a hip loved one. Trust us, no one looks like a square in square framed glasses!

Speaking of face shape… square face square glasses, right? Not necessarily! Square face shapes do best with round glasses or aviators - both styles of which can be found in our next generation sunglasses category. Thankfully, at Hipster Sunnies, we have a large selection of frames specifically suited for your square shaped face. If you have a strong jawline coupled with a wider forehead and wider cheek bones, then you fall into the square-shaped face category. Don’t be afraid of exploring funky sunglass frames outside your usual comfort zone. These frames are sure to look great on your face!