Sunglasses for the Heart Shape Face:

If you have a Slightly narrow, pointed chin and your forehead is the widest part of your face then congratulations – you have a heart shaped face. Celebrities with heart shaped faces (like you!) include Reese Witherspoon, Angela Bassett, Zooey Deschanel, Ashley Olsen, and Scarlett Johansson. You must be breaking hearts with that heart shaped face of yours!

We are excited for you to browse our selection of the best sunglasses for a heart shaped face. In general, oval shaped glasses, bottom heavy frames, rimless, and frames that draw the eye downward away from the forehead are the best sunglasses for heart shaped faces. Hipster Sunnies’ collection of sunglasses for a heart shaped face cannot be beat – neither by a physical store nor another website. Check them out to find the best sunglasses for your heart shaped face!

Whether you are looking for male sunglasses for a heart shaped face or female sunglasses for a heart shaped face, you will find them here! Simply filter your selection by gender on the website search. Do you feel like you have a smaller head in addition to your heart shaped face? We have got glasses for you, too! Hipster Sunnies has sunglasses for a small heart shaped face. We know that people come in all shapes and sizes and that people as unique as you desire hip and trendy shades in all styles to compliment their wardrobe. That is why we’ve compiled this selection of heart shaped glasses for you. Have your pick! We are sure you will love what you find.