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Bring Back Our Girls - Hipster Sunnies - Fundraising

#Bring Back Our Girls


Down Here at Hipster HQ we decided it was time for us to do something good with our online presence and nothing has pulled our heart strings more than the 219 STILL MISSING girls that were abducted by the terrorist organisation BOKO HAREM.

As a personal contributor to Plan international and an advocate for the endevours this charity aims to achieve we want to help raise awareness for these missing girls. In addition to awareness we would look to raise some money for young women in Africa enabling them to be freed from the repressive hand of modern day slavery.

Through education and independence we believe Plan International to be the right charity to help young women in Africa and across the world and this is why we would choose them as our champion.

We will be approaching small business across the UK and globally in asking them to join us in the fight against repression of all descriptions.

Please give generously to this cause, we wouldn't ask any of our Hipster to do anything that we wouldn't and so we will be donating all non operational profits from our spring summer seasons sales to the cause.