Hipster Sunglasses - Steampunk Gothica - Silver Frame - Clear and Revo Flip lens

Seriously fresh 2018 Summer Sunglasses. This Season Hipster Sunnies have brought you some Seriously Dope Drops and these Sexy Sunnies are no exception.

Hipsters are bringing you a Brand new alternatively styled Sunglasses frame for 2018 in the Shape and Form of our Steampunk Gothica, with Slaying Silver Frame and alternatively styled flip lens these killer sunglasses have enough Edge to push you Above and Beyond... 

With Silver Revo Flip Front these Hipster Sunglasses just keep on giving, offering twice as much style and never failing to deliver on it. Get your Styles on point this Summer Season that beautiful Beach Club Life isn't that far away. 

Happy Hunting Hipsters.