Viva Ibiza Sunglasses Amnesty – Helping Children in Africa

November 02, 2017

Hey up Hipsters! It’s been a hectic summer and we are just getting the blog back into action! Our first post is about a cause that has really hit home for us at Hipster HQ, read on to find out more……

Fund-raiser and legendary Ibiza DJ Nathan Viva needs your help to raise money for children in Africa. Having just completed an incredible walk across Ibiza he is now on a mission to collect unwanted sunglasses on the island to give to children with poor eyesight in Africa. The sunglasses will protect the eyes of the children, some of which are at risk of potentially losing their eyesight if not protected. So far he has received over 230 pairs of sunglasses! An absolutely amazing effort from the people of Ibiza we must say.


Sunglasses Amnesty

If you are still out on the white isle then please hand in any unwanted sunglasses at either The Social Ibiza (San Antonio) or Bite Me. You have until the 11th of November. For the most part of us who are only dreaming about Ibiza at the moment you can still donate to this most worthwhile of causes! More details on this at the end of the post! We strongly feel for this cause and this is why we are writing about it, charity for children less fortunate than us, sunglasses, Ibiza, it hits all the notes of what we feel strongly about.


We asked Nathan Viva “Why Sunglasses?”

This is what Nathan told us. “During our charity trip to Zimbabwe earlier in the year to help make the lives of the children at Tariro Orphanage, Kadoma better, we also came across a school for the blind called Jairos Jiri that is home to 150 children with sight defects. They suffer from a range of problems, but all of them need sunglasses to shield their eyes from the African sun. This is not a fashion request, or for them to cover their eyes so that people don't feel uncomfortable in their presence, it is mainly due to their eyes not reacting to the sun in the same way as yours do. They are fully dilated and very very vulnerable to further injuries, and potentially total loss of sight for those that have limited range as it is.”

Fund Raising

'Viva Ibiza', the company owned by Nathan is behind the charity work.  Viva are raising money for the "Tariro Orphanage" and the "Jaros Jiri School for the Blind" both in Kadoma, Zimbabwe. After spending 2 months with the children in the school and orphanage earlier in the year it became all too apparent just how little these children have; so the decision was made to return in December to carry on working with both of these organisations in the hope to give them a better life.

To enable the charity work to be continued funds are needed so Nathan has completed a sponsored walk across Ibiza and is also now offering a collection of unwanted sunglasses in Ibiza to pass on to the underprivileged children in Zimbabwe.


Sponsored Walk

Nathan, along with some very enthusiastic friends, successfully attempted to walk 40km, from the northernmost point in Ibiza to the southernmost. Although this time of year the heat in Ibiza isn't quite as searing as it is during the summer months the walk was by no means a stroll in the park and was captured at various intervals on video along the way.

How Can You Help?

Amazing right!? How can you can help 'Viva Ibiza' you may ask? You can pledge your sponsorship and follow the work they will be doing via to see where and how your money will be spent. Every token donation will make a huge difference, so we're really hoping you'll be able to help us to improve the lives of the children in Zimbabwe. Click here to give as much as you can, every single donation will make a huge difference. Wish the guys luck and a heartfelt 'thank you' for your support. They will be arriving in Zimbabwe on the 31st of December so please give generously before this date if you can!

Chief Hipster x

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