Sunglasses on Famous Faces

December 03, 2017

Be inspired by celebs past and present and wear your sunnies to complete your style! We round up a list of iconic celebrities wearing the coolest sunglasses!

Hopefully this article may give you an idea of the style and shape of sunglasses that will suit your vibe and face shape (you may also want to check our handy face shape guide here for help!)


Let’s take a look at some of the iconic designs that are available and the looks that can be easily recreated with the right type of sunglasses. 


John Lennon

If you are into small round retro style sunglasses then it is the John Lennon look for you, with the instantly recognisable shape and design, metal frames and coloured lenses this cool style speaks for itself. In fact Lewis Hamilton chooses this style of sunnies when he's dressed to kill at events and functions. When he's just out and about, so to speak, then it's the original John Lennon sunglasses look that rocks his style.


Elvis Presley

If you feel the need for a little more bling then the gold framed rock and roll style metal framed Elvis sunglasses are for you. Iconic and distinctive these glasses set the design style that influenced a generation of rockers everywhere.


Liam Gallagher

Inspired by the Classic Aviator Sunglasses design Liam Gallagher sunglasses are a statement piece for your summer wardrobe, with metal frames and coloured glass (often green), these sunglasses speak for themselves.


Kim Kardashian

For the ladies out there who like oversize glamour in their sunglasses the striking look perfected by Kim Kardashian is right up your street with heavy frames and enormous lenses these sunnies make an instant statement.


Audrey Hepburn

For a vintage, timeless look and feel try the Audrey Hepburn sunglasses, these cats-eye shaped dark shaded glasses paired with a colourful headscarf worn in the unmistakeable Hepburn style are guaranteed to make heads turn.

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