Cocoon in the Park

January 18, 2017


Sunshine, Sunglasses and Sick Sexy Beats. Whats NOT to love.... 




So go get your favorite sunnies and come join the party.

Now as a self proclaimed globetrotter and a serious sun lover this Hipster has found himself longing and for the UK sunshine this year! Those lazy camping, festival and beach days, kicking back with your hottest pair of sunglasses, beer in hand and team of chillers by your side. These sunshine fueled days just haven't been with us this year, but this is soon set to change.

Ibiza came and went in a flash of an eye and a pan of my steampunks, Prague was awesome but lacking in sand and Dublin was the bomb but again all cobble and no ocean sea come festival wobble..

This said we need to don the sunglasses and we need to don them now as dust is starting to settle on my favorite pair of Hipster Sunnies and we're just not having it...

As we couldn't find a beach in the few days before writing this we have decided to hit our second in command when it comes to go to eventing 'House Tech' and the fact it is of the German variety made it all the more sweet.

Cocoon in the park is the name and getting down to sexy tech beats is the game and believe me when i say game on because this day never fails to exceed expectation. Cocoon Is a small German house tech event that runs like a Rolex, smooth queuing, no time waiting for drinks and with a good time party atmosphere fit for the streets of Berlin, nothing less than you would expect from the Uber efficient Germanic organisers.


This year highlighting and headlining the event was Sven Vath, Sven bosses Cocoon Amnesia every Monday night in Ibiza. We all know in the house tech world Ibiza is the home, embodiment and number 1 and this guy Sven can tear up the best of stages.

He wasn't alone as an international list of top notch DJ's were also there to help us make the body move..


Green Velvet

The Martinez Brothers

Patrick Topping

Eats Everything

Enzo Siragusa



Green velvet absolutely rocked the stage in more ways than just musically, he tore up the tunes and of that there is no doubt but his sunglasses selection for the day we're top notch and we will soon be sending him a set of our hottest Steampunks the man clearly has style.

Sven was the headliner playing at times a deep acid house that was reminiscent of a 5am finish me off set deep in the underground but as the headliner unfortunately on this one he didn't steal the show, step aside Sven and watch out because step up the 'Martinez Brothers' and one word WOOOOOOOOOOOOFT......


These boys tore up the gaff with some seriously sexy, seriously bouncy tech house tunes that had the party fired up and bouncing all afternoon. Unlike an Ibiza DC10 night that these boys are known to be regularly smashing up since 2011 this was in a forest and country manor in Leeds but the party went off in true white isle style.


Thanks to everyone who came to the event and the mass love Hipsters received for our latest on point trend the Steampunk Galacticos we always like to try out new styles at these events because the guys and girls style is just on point.




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