#Bring Back Our Girls

April 17, 2016 2 Comments




On April 14 I attended a business expo in Manchester with my friend and also aspiring entrepreneur Simon Lomas of (Blue white and grey.com). He was kind enough to give me this ticket and I must say that it sent my mind to another level.

I was lucky enough to listen to two powerful women speak on stage who in their own rights were both very successful, very  informative and also very pragmatic in their approach to business endeavour. But what struck me the most was how willing they were to give information and goodwill to others, real thought leaders and borderline entrepreneurial  provocateurs.

They spoke about being moral, being courageous, being kind, compassionate and all the beliefs I hold dear but have never really translated into business due to being very new to the game.

I’ve always believed since I’ve taken to Buddhism that compassion, education and religious tolerance are the cornerstones of a tranquil existence and I try daily to hold back the urge of irritation but as I write this I truly am irritated.

After the day out in Manchester I made the long drive back to London as I had my second job to attend to the following morning, but while sitting with my partner watching TV the news came on and it was headlining the issue regarding the 234 still missing school girls and BOKO HAREM.

I couldn’t help but feel that my heartstrings were being torn from my chest as I watched these girls all being videoed by the group, heads slightly bowed in a submissive state. Now normally I wouldn’t feel the urge to do something like this but after the day I'd had, it struck me that I had to do something.

Inspired by the expo I wanted to use the presence my company (although small) has to offer.  I believed that using my new found skills and connections that I'd made on the day I could help raise awareness for these girls and hopefully some money for Plan International.

I am going to give all profits after operational costs in our calendar trading year (NOW-Sept 30)  to the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls I have created a donations page on our website BRINGBACKOURGIRLS so please go over and take a look.

I truly hope anyone reading this who has a small business or even larger would possibly look to do the same, as atrocities like this and repression on this mass scale is quite simply awful and neither these girls nor any other repressed person through the 7 corners of our globe should have to hang their heads in fear or shame at the hand of tyrants. This is my motivation for this cause.


And I’ve been worried about sunglasses!



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Chief Hipster
Chief Hipster

April 22, 2016

Thank you for the words of support Jasper. Its a great cause and we will be socially sharing once everything is in place and working right so help us to spread the word. #BringBackOurGirls

Jasper van der Hulst
Jasper van der Hulst

April 19, 2016

Very good cause Nicholas! I like the way you give back of the things you achieve in this world. I really hope this season will be Hipster Sunnies best ever, for you but even more for the cause you are supporting!

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